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Meet the Mascots!

Hook, Line & Sinker

NOW introducing the official mascots of Get Along & Co.!

They each have a story to tell of how they #getalongco...

Meet Hook:

Hook is a strong loyal Labrador who loves being on a boat or swimmin’ out in the TX coast more than on the shore. He has a zest for life and loves checking out all the different TX saltwater fish. Whether it’s offshore or bay fishing, Hook has a ton of energy and will be by your side on the boat from sun up to sun down. He is extremely friendly, so tell him to watch out for those jellyfish! Hook likes to hang out with his two best buddies, Line and Sinker. Their personalities are so different, but that is what helps them to #getalongco.

Meet Line:

Line is a super sweet Golden Retriever, who will fetch and swim on the beach ALL DAY LONG. Her favorite past time is jumpin’ the waves on Texas beaches. When she isn’t runnin’ on the beach during the summer, you can find her as a loyal friend during duck hunting season. Whether it’s jumpin’ waves or fetchin’ ducks, Line will help her best friends #getalongco through it all.

Meet Sinker:

Sinker is a Texas born Border Collie who would rather chase fish than herd livestock. A bit of a goofball, he is a highly intelligent fisherdog who will tell you where all the good fishin’ spots are. No need for a GPS with this guy, he remembers the best spots to fish on the Texas Coast. After a long day of being out on the water, Sinker loves to show his acrobatic moves on the beach. He might show off a little too much in front of his buddies Hook and Line, but he’s definitely a friend they #getalongco with.